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Motocycle Description
Manufacturer : The Motocycle Automobile       Year : 1894

Motocycle was the word adopted by the United States in the later part of the nineteenth century to indicate the horseless carriage, because it was short and easier to understand than the other possibilities, such as "automobile carriage", "motor carriage", "motor vehicle", or "auto carriage". It is now archaic and rarely used. Today, a four-wheeled self-powered vehicle, especially one designed to carry a small number of people, is generally known as an automobile or car. The term "motor vehicle" still survives in legal terminology.

Starting in the twentieth century the name "automobile" became popular instead of motocycle in the United States and in Great Britain the motocycle became "motorcar" or "autocar".

Charles Brady King intended to enter a "horseless carriage" in the 1895 Times-Herald race, however didn't have his motocycle ready yet and had to withdraw. He wrote Adams that although he intended to enter a motocycle with four wheels and a 4 horsepower 100 pound engine, it wasn't quite ready and he would have to withdraw. His motocycle could carry four persons, but for the race there would have been only two in the vehicle to reduce the weight and gain speed. His light weight motocycle came in at 675 pounds, could seat four people plus cargo, and would probably sell for about $600 in a large quantity production. His motocycle dream however did not flourish and was realized by Ford and Olds instead.

In 1898 "Modern machinery" magazine pointed out the merits of gasoline, electric and steam propelled 4 wheeled motocycles (automobiles).

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