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Eterniti Artemis Photo Gallery
Eterniti Artemis Eterniti Artemis Eterniti Artemis Eterniti Artemis Eterniti Artemis Eterniti Artemis Eterniti Artemis Eterniti Artemis

Eterniti Artemis Description
Manufacturer : Eterniti Motors       Year : 2013

Eterniti Motors, the London-based boutique luxury carmaker, unveiled the engineering prototype of its first car at Beijing's Auto China 2012 international motor show.

The vehicles on display are in-use, running prototypes so do not represent the final finish quality but do closely reflect the definitive interior and exterior styling.

The car, named Artemis, is the world's first Super-SUV - a term created by Eterniti for a new class of vehicle providing the higher levels of luxury, performance and exclusivity demanded by today's wealthy car buyers but which have not been available until now.

The car will be in production by summer 2012, beating Bentley, Lamborghini and Maserati's luxury SUV offerings to market. Orders can be taken now through Eterniti's sales operations in Europe (London) and Asia-Pacific (Hong Kong and Taipei), for deliveries starting in autumn 2012.

The car has a limousine-like rear cabin featuring up to 100mm of additional legroom, twin reclining rear seats with heating and cooling, iPad-ready holders with electronic reveal, and a drinks chiller. This satisfies a specific need, particularly in Asian markets, for a car suitable for both being chauffeured in and driving for pleasure. Unlike a conventional limousine, an SUV can offer excellent handling and driver appeal, and the ride height and ruggedness are suitable for poor road surfaces which can make limousines and conventional high-performance cars completely impractical. The Eterniti Artemis is the ultimate crossover.

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