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Ballot 2LTS Photo Gallery
Ballot 2LTS Ballot 2LTS Ballot 2LTS Ballot 2LTS

Ballot 2LTS Description
Manufacturer : Ballot       Year : 1925

Ballot 2LTS was a same cylinder-bloc as the 2LT (so 4 cyl and 2 liter), with as well a single overhead camshaft, but with sporty hemispherical combustion chambers allowed by V-shape valves (internal angle: 45) driven by the overhead camshaft via rockers.

The Ballot 2LTS was presented in 1925. So it is highly probable that it was when working on the 2LS replacement, leading to the 2LTS, that Louis Germain studied the eventuality of a Desmo system, the one described in the patent. In addition, the Desmo system described in the patent is shown on a single overhead camshaft engine with V-shape valves (but here the angle is 77), so you see the relation with the 2LTS studies (and Ernest Henry never designed a single overhead camshaft engine), the date of the patent is end 1924/end 1925, exactly the period when Louis Germain was chief-engineer at Ballot (at that time Ernest Henry had left Ballot already for at leat 3 years) and exactly the period when the 2LTS was being studied.

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