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Ballot 2LS Photo Gallery
Ballot 2LS Ballot 2LS Ballot 2LS Ballot 2LS Ballot 2LS

Ballot 2LS Description
Manufacturer : Ballot       Year : 1921

Ballot 2LS was a sports car with 4-cylinder 1944 cc, twin-overhead-camshaft, 4-valves-per-cylinder engine.

Edouard Ballot was well known as a designer of reliable engines. He helped Ettore Bugatti in developing his first engines. A Ballot with a straight-eight-cylinder 4.9-litre car competed in the 1921 French Grand Prix. As well as racing engines, the company made a range of road engines which were fitted to their own production cars.

The first road car was a 2-litre tourer called Ballot 2 LS. In 1923 Ballot 2 LT and a sport version, Ballot 2 LTS followed. From 1927, eight-cylinder engines were used.

In 1931 the company was taken over by Hispano-Suiza. Swift decline followed: the last model was practically a Hispano-Suiza, and only the chassis was provided by Ballot. Ballot closed down in 1932.

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