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Austin Twenty Photo Gallery
Austin Twenty Austin Twenty Austin Twenty Austin Twenty Austin Twenty

Austin Twenty Description
Manufacturer : Austin Motor Company       Year : 1927

The Austin Twenty was introduced by the Austin Motor Company in 1919 continuing in production until 1930. After the 20/6 model was introduced in 1927, the car was known as the Austin 20/4.

Before World War I Austin had produced a range of cars but, influenced by the manufacturing philosophy of Henry Ford, Herbert Austin decided that the future was in mass producing a single model. The Longbridge factory had been considerably enlarged to meet war production, and it was here that the company had a base to put the theory into practice. During the war Austin had owned a Hudson Super Six, a car he clearly admired, as its overall layout would form a basis for the design of the new one model policy car. The car would, however, prove to be too large for the home market, and the one-model policy was rapidly dropped with the launch in 1922 of the Austin 12 hp, in many ways a scaled-down Twenty.

The engine with its 95 mm bore and 127 mm stroke had a cast-iron cylinder block with detachable cylinder head mounted on top of an aluminium crankcase. It developed 45 bhp at 2000 rpm. As an advance on pre-war practice, the engine was directly bolted to the four-speed centre-change gearbox, which drove the rear wheels through an open propeller shaft.

The chassis, based on that of the Hudson, was conventional, with semi-elliptic leaf springs on all wheels and rigid axles front and rear. Wooden-spoked artillery-style wheels were fitted. Initially brakes were on the rear wheels, only but front wheel brakes were fitted as standard from 1925 and a the same time the wheels became steel-spoked.

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