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Austin Kimberley Austin Kimberley Austin Kimberley Austin Kimberley

Austin Kimberley Description
Manufacturer : Leyland Australia       Year : 1970

The Australian Austin Kimberley and Austin Tasman (Morris badged in New Zealand) "X6" models of 1970 were a range of Leyland Australian designed front-wheel-drive sedans based on the Austin 1800 (ADO17) platform. At the time of the X6 being launched onto the Australian market it was quite an advanced design in comparison to the other competitors from Ford, Holden and Chrysler, whose rear-wheel drive, conventionally sprung underpinnings dominated the market at the time.

These cars were offered as an Australian replacement to the Austin 1800. Their boxy styling, developed for the car to be a proper six-seater, was all-new, but a few features, including the doors, were retained. These doors however utilized recessed door handles, in order to satisfy Australian Design Rules safety concerns. The body had an exceptionally stiff torsional rigidity, a trait it inherited from the 1800, which actually endowed the Kimberley with class-leading ride and sure-footed handling. The car's styling in particular was said to have been exceedingly handsome and, in effect, had turned a sow's ear into, if not a silk purse then certainly a far more harmonious shape than its rather awkward predecessor

The standard powerplant for the X6 range was a transverse mounted 2.2L OHC straight-six engine, based on the 1500/1750 Austin Maxi unit. At the time of the X6's introduction, it would have been the only car in production with a transverse straight-six-cylinder engine in the world. The Tasman's single carburettor configuration produced 76 kilowatts (102 hp) and the Kimberly 86 kW (115 hp) with its extra carburettor. Both were sold with either a four-speed manual or three-speed automatic transmission.

Due to the application in this car, its engine would also be used in BMC ADO17 in Britain, firstly in the Austin 1800 based Austin 2200, and later in the BMC ADO71 Princess. In Australia, in an ill-advised move, this engine also appeared in the Morris Marina.

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