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Austin A40 Sports Photo Gallery
Austin A40 Sports Austin A40 Sports Austin A40 Sports Austin A40 Sports Austin A40 Sports Austin A40 Sports

Austin A40 Sports Description
Manufacturer : Austin Motor Company       Year : 1950

The Austin A40 Sports debuted at the 1949 London Motor Show as a four-passenger, aluminium-bodied convertible version of the Austin A40 - carrying an Austin of England nameplate, bearing the marque's Flying A hood ornament, and designed and manufactured in conjunction with Jensen Motors.

Production of the A40 Sports, which was intended as a sporty touring car rather than a true sports car, began in November 1950 for model year 1951. By the time production ended in 1953, approximately 4,011 examples had been produced.

The A40 Sports strained to maintain 96 to 105 km/h (60 to 65 mph) cruising speeds - despite a top speed of 77.8 mph (125.2 km/h) as recorded by the British magazine The Motor in 1951 - and could accelerate from 0-60 mph (97 km/h) in 25.6 seconds. A fuel consumption of 29.3 miles per imperial gallon (9.64 L/100 km; 24.4 mpg-US) was recorded.

Reporting similar performance figures, an Autocar road test in 1950 described the acceleration as "not startling, but more than adequate". The brakes and steering were commended, along with the "very good luggage space" and the "clear to read" instruments, but it was noted that a "considerable leg reach" was needed to use the "foot-operated dip switch" for the headlights.

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