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Austin 7 hp Photo Gallery
Austin 7 hp Austin 7 hp Austin 7 hp Austin 7 hp

Austin 7 hp Description
Manufacturer : Austin Motor Company       Year : 1909

The Austin 7 hp was a small motor car designed by the British Austin Motor Company, and built by the Swift Motor Company for two years from 1909 to 1911. The resulting 7 hp was sold under Austin and Swift marques, with a total of 1,030 produced, 162 of which were Austin.

The 7 hp was powered by a single cylinder engine, using one cylinder-block from the Austin 18/24 engine as a basis. The resulting engine of 1099 cc produced 9 hp at 1300 rpm.

The car was sold for 150 but it was not a success so after just two years from launched, production ceased.

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