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Austin 15 hp Photo Gallery
Austin 15 hp Austin 15 hp Austin 15 hp Austin 15 hp

Austin 15 hp Description
Manufacturer : Austin Motor Company       Year : 1911

The Austin 15 hp was a motor car manufactured by the British Austin Motor Company, sold between 1908 and 1915.

The original 15 hp was sold between 1908 and 1910, with 213 produced. It was powered by a 4-cylinder 2-litre (2539 cc) monobloc engine, the only pre-war model to have one with 3.5in bore x 4in stroke and three-bearing crank-shaft.

A revised 15 hp model was introduced in 1911, losing the monobloc design, but with an increased stroke of 4.5", 2838cc, side-valve T-head engine design, and was actually rated at 19.6 hp. Austin manufactured 688 of these more powerful models. It had a four-speed gearbox with cone clutch, shaft and bevel-drive back axle. Suspension was provided by semi-elliptic leaf springs at the front and Austin-patent full-elliptic leaf springs at the rear. Brakes were by rear wheel drum and transmission brakes. The wheels were wooden artillery style wheels with Michelin detachable rims, 815 x 105 beaded-edge tyres. In 1913, a powered chassis with tyres was available for 350.

As with many Austins of the period, it was available with a wide range of bodies; including a two-seater "Harrogate" (with single rear dicky seat), a two-seater "Ascot", a four-searer "Westminister Landaulet" or "Levee Single Landaulet"[5] and a snub-nose "Town Carriage" with an open driver and closed passenger layout.[6] A four-seat open Tourer was only available until 1910.

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